Prof. C. S. Deshpande Endowed with a gift of good academic career, C. S. Deshpande completed his Inter Science Examination in 1950 from Willingdon College, Sangli with a spectacular performance by standing FIRST in the University, winning all the University prizes and scholarships in all the subjects and creating records in Mathematics and in Aggregate total marks. (The 2nd rank student was behind him by as many as 70 marks i.e. by 10%).

After completing his B.E. (Electronics and Telecom.) from the College of Engineering, Pune, he joined the prestigious T.I.F.R. (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) in 1954 as a research scholar in Nuclear Particle Accelerator Section. His name was specially recommended by his principal to Dr. Homi J Bhabha, the noted scientist and the founder of TIFR In the following year, he appeared at the I.E.S. ( Indian Engineering Services) Examination and secured the top rank in this All India Competitive examination. He was posted in the I.R.S.E. (Indian Railway

Service of Engineers) as a Class I gazetted officer and worked in the Railway Electrification project at Calcutta for a few years. During this period, he developed personal contacts with several leading engineers in the country and the top engineering teachers in various reputed institutes like I.I.T.'s, B.H.U, Roorkee Engg. University, Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta and above all, Sir C.V. Raman, the great scientist and Nobel Laureate. While working as a Railway Electrification Engineer, he realized that his intrinsic interest was in the field of teaching and writing Mathematics and Mathematical Engineering Subjects. This realization led to a painful internal conflict between treading a conventional path of continuing with the coveted Govt. Class I service and an unconventional risk of walking out of such secure civil service and undertake a struggle of establishing his own institute for teaching, writing and publishing.

Eventually, he did take the unconventional decision of resigning from the prestigious I.R.S.E. to return to Bombay to start his own academic institute.

On the auspicious day of DASARA in OCT. 1960, he launched his own A.M.I.E. classes in a rented school class room. That was the modest beginning of Vidyalankar in the Shardashram school of Dadar. After operating from another school at Matunga (West) for one year and yet another at Mahim for next two years, in May '64 Vidyalankar could afford its own rented premises at Mahim and finally in 1974 it arrived at 'PEARL CENTRE', its present premises in DADAR.

Thus, the Basic objective of establishing this Institute was neither commercial nor merely to earn a livelihood. The Basic Objective was to satisfy the inner urge of dedicating oneself to the sincere academic pursuit and to guide the eager young students with a missionary zeal, to enhance their worthiness and imbibe the nobler values of life in their receptive minds not by empty words but by one's own example.
Torch Bearers
Dr. S.C. Deshpande
Dr. S.C Deshpande, wife of C.S Deshpande has always been an integral part of Vidyalankar. She has had degrees of M.A in English and M.A in Public Administration to her credit. Apart from being equally responsible for the inception and growth of Vidyalankar, she has taught communication skills to its students for several years. She has completed her Ph.D a few years ago when in her mid seventies, proving that learning is a never ending process.
Mrs. Rashmi Deshpande
Mrs. Rashmi Deshpande, daughter of C.S Deshpande, also has been dedicated to the progress of Vidyalankar. After her M.Sc. from Mumbai University, she went to U.S.A for higher education and completed her M.B.A. She then returned in 1996 and took over a part of the management at Vidyalankar.
Mr. Avinash Chatorikar
Mr. Avinash Chatorikar after completing his B.Tech from U.D.C.T in 1987 went on to do his M.Tech from I.I.T, Mumbai. Passionate about studying further, he completed his M.S in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, U.S.A. After returning back to India, Avinash chose to join the institute as a partner.
Mr. Vishwas Deshpande
Mr. Vishwas Deshpande has been a thorough student of Vidyalankar and like his father has been a merit holder all his academic life. He secured a high merit rank in his H.S.C exam and was first in the merit list of engineering admissions of V.J.T.I. After his B.E from V.J.T.I., he went to U.S.A to complete his M.S from Maryland College Park and came back armed with a youthful vision and passion like his father.
Mrs. Namrata Deshpande
Mrs. Namrata Deshpande, wife of Vishwas Deshpande, also joined the family business and helped developing it further. Namrata has done her M.M.S from Jamnalal Bajaj Insitute of Mgmt. Studies, Mumbai and has joined the administration of Vidyalankar group, as a fulltime partner.
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