SE Maths III - Fourier Series lecture @ Vidyalankar

Special Maths III Vacation Batches for Diploma to Degree Students @ Vidyalankar

Diploma to Degree Maths III - Topic Laplase taught @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem I - Topic “ Relation” of Discrete Mathematics @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem I Regular Batches @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem I - Operating System Lecture @ Vidyalankar

First Year Engineering regular Batches @ Vidyalankar

Maths I Topic Complex Numbers taught @ Vidyalankar

Maths II - Beta Gamma Function lecture @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem VI - Topic "ROYCE's Analysis " of Project Management Lecture

B.Sc (IT) Sem VI - Topic "Intro to GIS" of GIS

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Introduction of OOP " of Object Oriented Programming

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Table " of Web Programming @ Vidyalankar

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Buses in Microprocessor " of Microprocessor Architecture

B.Sc.(IT) Sem II -Topic "Numerical Integration " of Numerical & Statistical Methods

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