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As a part of our endeavor to reach the students residing even in small cities all across the country. We are looking for promising entrepreneurs who can be a valuable partners in our story of success. The franchisee will essentially be  entrepreneurs running the coaching activity as their own venture. They will operate under the able guidance of Vidyalankar using it’s brand name, material and the expertise developed by Vidyalankar over a period of 50 years



Excellent results year after year speak volumes about the success of Vidyalankar, which is backed by more than five decades of experience in setting new trends in India’s test preparation market.
With a mix of franchise and company owned centres in its network, Vidyalankar is now bullish about beefing up its expansion plans across India.





Aurangabad Franchisee

I would like to mention that I was amazed by the vision of Vishwas Deshpande. Four years back, he had the vision of what would be the technology of the future. As we are aware there is a brain drain in our country. Qualified and intellectual people from metro cities want to fly abroad, and people from tier II or III cities want to settle in metros. Therefore, finding a team of good teachers is like a mammoth task in cities like Aurangabad. The video conferencing technology has given an awesome solution instantly. Now students from tier II or III cities have a direct access to highly qualified and capable teachers. This has given me an edge over my competitors in Aurangabad. I never had to worry about the faculty. If you look into this business, just procuring an eminent faculty is not the only difficult job, but also maintaining that team is a tedious work. Here, I do not have to worry about the faculty, lecture management, course planning, test schedules, test papers, study materials and many such critical time consuming activities. All this is taken care by a team of highly efficient people in Mumbai. I m free to concentrate on marketing and the current students enrolled with us. This gives me an opportunity to work out with my current students and give the best results.

  –Dr. Yashpal Kadam

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