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For over 5 decades Vidyalankar has been a guiding light and an inspiration. It has been churning students to reach new heights. The Vidyalankar logo is an essential part of not only the institution but also the students’ who have put their trust in this institution.

Since its inception in 1960, the Vidyalankar logo has been the guide to motivation and a symbol to look forward to every new day. Vidyalankar’s aim has always been to be the best in the field of education and to match international standards and the logo is an extension of our aim.

Contents and Connotations

The red colour in the logo depicts the zest to meet challenges head-on and overcome the obstacles in our way. Vidyalankar continuously aims to be the leaders in the field of education.

The red circle depicts a “rising sun”, marking a new era in the field of education. It also symbolizes a guiding light to its students. The sun gives light to the whole world and Vidyalankar sheds light to the various careers and courses giving to the students, so that they can choose a career or course of their choice.

“Vidyalankar” written in black calligraphic font symbolizes the subtleness and the aggression of the institute to be on top.

The line “Be sure with” is a very integral part of the logo; it reminds us that Vidyalankar is responsible to churn out not good but brilliant citizens when they face challenges in their life. As a student and a parent, it's a re-assuring that they are in the hands of the leaders and we will make our students do their best.

The red box around the whole unit gives the logo a corporate look so that it is recognized internationally as in step with times. The box strongly symbolizes that everything that a student needs is all here at Vidyalankar.

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