Exams can be very very taxing. It puts a fear into the minds of all students, and this panic attack needs to be addressed head on. Performance fear is real, but the reality is also that success in exams is what propels us towards the path of success and helps us live our dreams. So how do we cope with this exam fever? Let us look at some simple steps that may help us face our exams with confidence and thereby score high marks that we truly deserve.

10. Time Management

Even as you read the question paper, allocate time for every question. It could be based on the marks allotted or it could be based on how much you know about a particular question asked. However, marks should be given preference.

09. Review of answer Paper

While you allocate time for each answer, please allocate time to review what you just wrote. Here you can check if you have numbered your answers correctly, you may even highlight some important points that are crucial to the answer.

08. Balancing the writing

As a student, it is critical to understand the weight every question carries as far as the marks allotted for the same are concerned. Writing an elaborate answer for a 2 mark question will fetch you no bonus marks. Similarly writing a brief answer for a questioned assigent 10 marks will fetch you minimum marks.

07. Sequencing

The style in which you write your answers is critical. A point-wise answer may earn you more marks than a long-winding haphazard piece of writing. Practice the trick of answering to the point with important highlights. It will surely fetch you more marks.

06. Paragraphing

In case of long answers, it is very important to write in neat and complete paragraphs. How to end and begin a new paragraph needs to be practiced. A new paragraph always begins with a new point or a new perspective. Conjunctions or joining words like- consequently, therefore, nevertheless, etc., should be used to connect ideas.

05. Emphasise where necessary

Understand the need of the question well. Wherever necessary, accentuate your answer with a neat and labelled diagram. Do not cut or overwrite unless absolutely necessary. Highlight all main points to add focus to them.

04. Check your grammar

Poor grammar and spellings spoil the overall effect of an answer. As far as possible be grammatically correct and avoid spelling errors. Do not write abbreviated words as you would when you are texting on whatsApp. It infuriates the examiners.

03. Content of answer must be of Quality

For excellent marks, your answer should be rid of any unwanted trash. There is an incorrect notion in the minds of the students that the more they write, the more marks they will get. It is a wrong perception. Marks are given for quality not for quantity. Be knowledgeable in your answers and score more.

02. Neat Handwriting

Do not take your handwriting lightly. A good and neat handwriting looks very impressive. It plays on the subconscious mind of the examiner in a very positive way and may fetch you more marks.

01. Concentration

One has to ensure that they are fully attentive both physically and mentally during an exam. Avoid any kind of distraction. The focus should only be on the paper to be attempted. Carry all necessary items required to write the paper to boost your confidence and minimize distracting others as well.