Students often wonder whether it’s a good idea to join a test prep class when preparing for a competitive exam. Two major reasons why students believe that it may not be worthwhile joining such a class are:
(1) The high cost of tuition.
(2) The time commitment involved with going to a class.

That being said, Vidyalankars’ test prep options provide great value to students. Here are a few reasons why we strongly recommend students to consider test prep classes:

Test Score Improvement

It’s much easier to improve your score when you’re following the structure of a class. Just check out our testimonials page to know why students choose us. Our students see real improvement in their performance and they love to share their success stories with us!

Expert Guidance

Vidyalankar’s been in the test prep industry for over 50 years. During this time we’ve built a robust system to hire the best instructors. Our instructors are committed to ensuring that students succeed in whichever exam they take. They constantly innovate around their teaching strategy and improve our content and practice material to aid students’ preparation.  You won’t find a better team to guide you through your exam prep.


In our experience, students that study on their own often lack the motivation to stick to a study schedule, or worse, never prepare one to begin with. We tackle with this problem by creating a study structure for students and train them accordingly. Additionally, we provide regular motivational sessions by our former students who have performed really well.

 The Right Resources

Too often, we’ve seen students who start their prep with the wrong material. Other times, we’ve seen that students spend a significant amount of money on purchasing too much study material and then get confused over which material to actually use. Our study material has evolved over time and captures the best of our own thinking and what you might find in other material. Thus, a test prep class will make it easier for you to access and organize quality study material.

Optimal Study Skills

One of our top priorities is to teach students how to learn effectively rather than just teach them course material. Specifically, we educate students on the best learning techniques, time to study and other such aspects of learning that help them optimize their test score. We also arm students with a set of techniques that help them optimize their “on test day” performance.

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