Our motto, while indicating what we do for our students, also effectively encapsulates what we can offer our Vidyalankar employees. Our approach is as much employee-oriented as it is student-oriented.

A career with Vidyalankar essentially means having to interact with young minds and showing them the proper route on the path to success, even giving them a gentle push in that direction, if need be. Constant interaction with these aspiring leaders successfully ensures that we remain on our toes.

We expect our team members to recognise and understand the desire in our students, nurture their aspirations and spur them onto greater heights.

Every employee of our organisation – whether it is the top brass or the counsellors or the faculties or anyone else – has to adhere to our commitment of being a ‘Mentor’, ‘Motivator’ and ‘Guide’ to each and every student who walks into Vidyalankar. This is a vision we have nurtured right from the beginning. In turn, we too mentor, motivate and guide our employees towards higher standards of excellence, performance and achievement.

Vidyalankar is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate among its employees on any basis.

 Current Openings

We are looking to create exciting careers and learning opportunities for self-motivated youngsters who enjoy interacting with people.